Besöksadress: Fyristorg 6, 753 10 Uppsala
Telefon: 018-472 10 00 eller 0709-72 34 10


Knowit Uppsala is part of the Knowit Group with just over 2,200 employees throughout the Nordic region. In Uppsala, we focus on helping companies and organizations develop their businesses, streamline their processes and make the right investment decisions in digital transformation and product development.

Our services include, amongst other things, IT strategy, concept development, verification of concepts, digital transformation strategy and of course full-scale development of digital services and products. When we do not have the opportunity to help our customers directly with technical development, we often act as a sounding board for the company, which could include helping to choose a supplier, supporting you in purchasing decisions or verifying that the best possible solution is developed.

Our customers are mainly based in Uppsala, but also in Stockholm. Our customers in Uppsala include STUNS, VBN Components, Prevet, Fixi, Tmpl, SLU, Uppsala University, SVA, UMC, Nwise, The Medical Products Agency and there are many others.

We are also a company with a great interest in the sport of Orienteering. Together with the Swedish Orienteering Association and the O-Ring, we have developed the Nordic service to increase the digitalisation of the sport. The service is available as a cloud solution 24/7 for users all over the world.


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Contact for UIC companies:

Magnus Tauvon, VD
0709-72 34 10 (växel: 018-472 10 00)