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Startups and growth companies are Sweden's future and we at PwC are driven by helping you create, run and develop your company.


From us you can get help with, for example:

  • Budget

With a performance budget, balance sheet and liquidity budget you can structure, collect and link historical outcomes with expectations, which gives you clear, user-friendly reports of outcomes compared with the respective budget. In addition, it also gives you a good basis for decision-making and full control over the business.

  • Tax advice

Tax rules are often difficult to navigate, they are presented in a complicated style and difficult to understand in the context of your own company. The question is how should you as an entrepreneur reason around tax issues? No matter what your challenges are, we at PwC can help you benefit from our experience and ensure that you keep up with the tax changes that occur constantly. Having a tax advisor means security for you as an owner, your company and your family. For example, we can set up the right company structure from the start and look at how the owners can achieve favorable taxation.

  • Incentive program
    Competition in attracting a skilled workforce is becoming more intense and many companies need to renew their strategies to attract, motivate and reward their employees. When we create incentive programs, we start from the behaviors you want to encourage, your development phase and your future prospects, as well as the shareholder and employee perspective. Incentive programs in the form of bonuses, options or share programs are increasingly in demand. We have solid experience from both small and medium-sized companies in most industries.
  • Audit

An audit is an independent review that shows how well your routines work, that all income is reported and that there are no expenses that should not exist. The audit thus identifies any problems in the company and can help find the right solution to them. Therefore, you can also use auditing as a tool to develop your business. It also helps to ensure the quality of your company's operations.

  • Raising capital

As independent financial advisors, we assist in identifying and implementing customized financing solutions, for companies in various stages from start-up to expansion.

  • Sale of companies

We at PwC can take overall responsibility as project manager of the sales process from start to implementation. Our work includes, among other things, the production of company presentations, financial analysis, identifying and contacting buyers, due diligence, analysis of bids, process strategy, negotiations and drawing up agreements. PwC's advisers allow you to focus on "core business" and give buyers security in the process.


With legal requirements, new regulations, rapid technology development and high demands from customers, there will be many issues that you as an entrepreneur may have difficulty dealing with yourself as the issues become increasingly complex and the pace ever higher. That is why we continuously develop services in various areas that help you as an entrepreneur and your company, regardless of size and challenges. Below you see some of these. By clicking on the links, you can read more about the services and watch a video that describes them in more detail:


Key figure analysis
Suitable for those that:

  • Have a need to increase understanding of the company's overall financial situation in order to be able to make informed decisions going forward
  • Lack a structured and efficient method for financial competitor and industry analysis
  • Need to map out the financial issues that the company should prioritize in the future

Strategy formulation
Suitable for companies where:

  • There is uncertainty about the company's situation and role in the market
  • There is a lack of clarity on which central issues the company should focus on going forward
  • There is uncertainty about roles and processes in the strategy formulation work

GDPR gap analysis
Suitable for companies that:

  • Processes personal data as part of their business
  • Are unsure as to how the requirements of the Data Protection Ordinance affect you
  • Feel uncertain about which measures need to be taken to meet the requirements of the Data Protection Regulation
  • Have done work linked to the GDPR, but are unsure whether the measures taken are sufficient

Control of Moms (VAT)
Suitable for companies that:

  • Have international sales of goods or services
  • Conduct property management with rental of premises or housing
  • Have mixed activities in terms of VAT, i.e. both VAT-liable and VAT-free activities
  • Are a parent company or holding company in a group

Value simulation
Suitable for companies that:

  • Desire a tool to use in internal discussions of future ownership changes
  • Want to understand what drives the value
  • Want to work to increase value


Contact us at PwC in Uppsala if you want to know more

At PwC's office in Uppsala, you will find about 50 employees who have knowledge of the local business community in Uppsala. We are specialists in, among other things, auditing and tax and business advice and through us you can also get access to our national network, where we have a total of 2,800 employees in Sweden in 34 offices, as well as our international network. Our passion is to help entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized growth companies - that is why we are a partner of UIC.


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