SLU Holding

SLU Holding

Besöksadress: Almas allé 7, 756 51, Uppsala
Telefon: 018-672 545

SLU Holding

SLU are experts in helping research to reach a market - and make a difference in society.

As a researcher at a Swedish university, and according to the teacher exemption, you have the right to your research results. When you start collaborations with companies or other external actors, it is important to establish an agreement that clarifies the rights and obligations that you and your partner have towards each other. The agreements can, among other things, regulate when you have the opportunity to publish your research results, and who owns the right to them.

SLU Holding helps you evaluate the commercial potential of your research results.

Together, we develop and refine your ideas to make them as relevant and attractive to the market as possible. Among other things, we investigate the possibilities for protecting your idea, for example through patents. We also develop a business plan and analyze possible competitors.


Ideas and business concepts that are in an early stage of development often need capital for verification, market research and patent applications. We help you find capital that matches your needs.

Green Innovation Park

Green Innovation Park (GIP) brings together academia, industry, business, students and creative freelancers in an inspiring and inclusive, vibrant environment for networking workshops, events and idea development. GIP is more than a co-working concept. The strength lies in the members who share experiences, benefit from each other and contribute to each other's results - and a sustainable future!

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